The Know: Pamper Me Cheaply

I love. LOVE spa treatments. I may even love the spa more than I love chocolate. And boys. And the backstreet boys. And that, my friends, says a lot. The ONLY thing I don’t Ashlee-Simpon-style “Lo-lo-lo-love” about spas is the hefty price tag that tends to come with them. It’s a bit hard to relax with cute masseuse man getting out my stress knots when I keep stressing about I’m going to afford to eat following my de-stressing sesh.

But fret no more, my friends. If there is one thing to be in The Know about this month, it’s Prettycity’s discounted $59 spa treatments. Prettycity teams up with The Heart Truth organization every February to bring us our favorite deals and remind us the importance of taking care of our own heart health. Simply go to their website to sign up (it’s free!), type in your zip and – BOOM – discounted spa treatments by your favorite (and soon to be favorite) spas in your area of this fine nation. 

From massages to facials to teeth whitening and cellulite treatments, it’s all yours for less than $60. And while I’m not saying $60 is cheap, if you are looking to indulge, now is the time to do it!

Not to mention, this is a damn good way to say Happy Valentines Day to M-E!

Campus Couture: Taylor, Ryerson
Campus Couture: Taylor, Ryerson
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