CollegeCandy’s Grammy Drinking Game

This Sunday, January 31st, the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will air on CBS. And you must know what we’re thinking: it’s the perfect excuse to drink on a Sunday! (Until the Super Bowl, that is.)

Nothing goes better with good music than an ice cold beer (or 12), so we at CollegeCandy have come up with the perfect drinking game to accompany the big night. So go brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, put on your Poker Face and see who takes home the big awards… and which of your friends will make it to the end of the show.

I gotta feeling…that Sunday night’s gonna be a good (good) night…

Take a shot:

(Of Hennessy) every time someone makes a Kanye West joke.

Each time of Lady Gaga changes her wardrobe. Take a double if it involves a mask, a cone, or fake blood.

(Of Jack Daniel’s) and some Oxycontin (just kidding) if Britney wins for Womanizer.  Then go shave your head and make a Starbucks run.

Every time a performer does something sexually inappropriate. Make it a double if it involves a head in a crotch. Triple if it’s guy on guy.

Take a sip:

Every time Gaga dedicates an award to the gays or her “little monsters.”

Every time the camera flashes to Jay-Z and Beyonce (inevitably seated in the front row).

Every time Taylor Swift wins an award (might wanna keep a barf bag nearby…)

(Out of a chalice) for every person wearing sunglasses inside.

(Of wine) every time someone thanks Jesus.

Drink It Up:

Drink “plenty of beer” when Ke$ha goes on stage to present.

Drink (big) whiskey each time you swoon over Dave Matthews. (What? Just me?)

Drink double every time you see Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers or Justin Beiber (since they can’t do it themselves).


(A glass of milk) if Mariah’s boobs are hanging out.

(A beer/whiskey/anything, really) every time she opens her mouth and slurs her words.

If Snooki shows up. Chug another if she’s rockin’ the pouf.

If your vote (on for Bon Jovi’s performance wins.

If your favorite for Record of the Year (Beyonce – Halo, Lady Gaga – Poker Face, Kings of Leon – Use Somebody, Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling, Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me) takes home the award.

And, of course, bong a beer if Kanye West comes on stage and steals a microphone.

Budget Stylista: Wear The Rainbow
Budget Stylista: Wear The Rainbow
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