Single. And Missing the Little Things

When I broke up with my high school boyfriend I knew it would take some time to adjust to being single. I knew I would miss the big things about having a boyfriend, like, you know, having someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, but I had no idea that it would the dumb little things that I would miss the most.

So in honor of this little moment of nostalgia, here are the top five silly little things I miss about being in a relationship:

1. Having someone to stay in with. Okay, do you ever have those Friday nights where you are so exhausted that you feel like a living zombie? Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for partying it up on the weekends. Just every once in a while, it is nice to have a boy toy to stay in with so you don’t feel quite as lame when you aren’t feeling up to hitting the town with your girls.

2. Having a hand to hold. You know when your guy is driving you in a car, and you’re sitting in the passenger seat and you’re holding hands? It is such a safe, comfortable feeling. You don’t have to talk about anything particular; it’s just so cozy.

3. Having someone to split meals with. This might just be me, but a lot of times when I go out to eat I like to split things. My old boyfriend would always take me to fun new restaurants, and we would split things so we could get to try lots of different options. Plus, I have, like, zero decision making skills when it comes to small daily decisions (last night I debated which brand of chocolate ice cream we should get for ten minutes until my roommate jut got fed up and grabbed one) so it was nice just have him order for me if I didn’t feel like it.

4. Having someone there for you when everything goes wrong. On days when life becomes a sh*tshow, (let’s face it, mine always is…) having someone reliable around to be your support system is so crazy amazing. When my sister got sick and was in the hospital, I was so hysterical that my old boyfriend had to drive me to the hospital in my own car. I was a wreck the whole time she was there, and he took care of everything for me. He covered everything, from getting my homework to bringing me chocolate to getting my sister the most giant stuffed gorilla known to mankind as a get well present.

5. Having some comfy clothes. There’s something about wearing his giant sweatshirt and oversized sweatpants that just makes me feel safe and loved.

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