The CC Weekly Weight In: If Smiles Were Dollars

What will make you feel like this?

It’s sad but true, but when it comes to jobs there is often a big disparity between what will make us rich and what will make us happy. Just ask all those recent grads making six figures at their finance jobs; I can guarantee most of them are not all smiles after 90-hour work weeks.

The problem (especially in this economy) is that people are more concerned with the ching ching than those warm fuzzies they get when they’re doing something they love. I totally get it; money is a great thing and I know from experience how crappy life is when you’re makin’ nothing. (I swear, I was about 2 quarters away from being homeless on the streets of NY at my first post-college job!) But what about your happiness? Does that count for anything?

This week I asked my writers – many of whom will be off looking for real jobs in the near future – to take a break from the bustle of their lives and think a little bit about their futures.

If happiness were the nationals currency, what job would make you rich?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?
What’s your answer? And how different is it from the path you’re actually on? Let us know in the comments!

Carly – Grinnell: Children’s book author. I’m close to getting there!!!!!

Norah – Drake University: Working for an organization for young women – something like Girl Scouts or Girls Inc.

Brittany – University of Saint Thomas: If happiness were my dollar bill, I would be a horse trainer. If I could spend countless hours with horses AND be getting paid via happy vibes, my life would be complete. I wouldn’t complain being a fashion designer either; if only I could sew a button on my own jacket….

Zahra – Northwestern University: Being a professional book reader (not editor, reader) or salsa dancer.

Jasmin – University of Missouri: I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.

Alex – Lakehead University: Traveling! Going all over the world, staying in beautiful hotels and villas, eating the most decadent foods and seeing all the wonderful sights. I love traveling but it’s just so darn expensive!

Katie – Michigan State University: Fashion designer, hands-down. A close second is exactly what I studied for: photography.

Lauren – University of Michigan: Telling jokes on stage. But only if people don’t heckle me.

Jessica – FIT: Dancing would make me a billionaire

Noa – CU Boulder: Beer pong coach?

Elizabeth – UC Berkeley: A food critic.  Who wouldn’t want to eat for a living?

Ricki – University of Michigan: Celebrity party planner

Sarabeth – University of Texas: If I were a writer for SNL, I’d be Oprah rich.

Jessica – Delaware: A kindergarten teacher. I absolutely love kids, and I don’t think teachers get paid enough for what they do!

Cristina – Michigan State University: Somewhere between being a make-up artist, the editor of Nylon Magazine, a DJ (like Leigh Lezark), and the girl who moans in rap songs. Possibly all four at once.

Amy – University of Iowa: Trampoline Tester (One that tests how fun they are, not how safe; I just want to jump, not get hurt!)

Samantha – UC Santa Barbara: My summer job as a team leader at Camp Galileo working with an amazing staff and to-be kindergarteners.

Emmy- Loyola University Chicago: If there are any jobs where you just read all day, I would be so rich from doing them!

Charlsie – Hollins University: If I could write freelance and make cupcakes on the side, I would be rolling in the dough!

Hannah – Assumption College: Definitely a personal trainer, Jillian Michaels’ style.

Kelly – University of Iowa: Daydreaming about drinking sangria on the beach with my cute Spanish teacher. If only.

Sara C – Fordham: I’d be a pro runner, or someone who trains runners. Unfortunately in the real world, those jobs usually go to people who can run 4 minute miles, or used to be able to in their prime. But if I could live off happiness alone, I’d run all the time!

Brithny – Duke: Any kind of job that would make me famous. Currently in the process of pitching my own reality TV show to MTV: Shanghai Shore.

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