Weekly Wrap Up: January Signs Off

My favorite combination of four letters is finally here: TGIF.

Whether you were finishing up your first week of school, or applying for internships, this week was a productive one for all of us. And so was this month!  Is January really almost catapulting us into February?  The month was especially productive for the fist pumping guidos of Jersey Shore, as the cost per fist pump sky rocketed.  But while I’m not making bank eating pickles like Snooki, putting in a full week/almost month calls for a little Lady Gaga and a dance party. (Which we’ll all be getting at the Grammy’s on Sunday night!) After all, it’s the little things that count.

But first, let’s take a look back on the last w-to-the-eek:

– Speaking of applying for internships, we discovered some helpful resume building tips.

– But we gave a little helpful advice to keep “Star of  ‘Teen Mom'” off of it.

– We learned sometimes, ‘sexy time’ can go a little ‘awkward turtle’

– Brangelina break-up rumors circulated, and we were left…. with a smile on our face?

– Woah, I didn’t know this about Tim Tebow.

– De-stress by putting a little organization in your life. We gave our blush brushes and make-up a new home.

Wingwomen are the new black.

– Just because you just ate half a bag of Sun Chips, doesn’t mean you can’t take some dieting advice from Dr. Oz.

– We learned a few lessons about living with a house full of Adam’s apples. Yep, dudes.

And now it’s Friday, baby! Get out there and enjoy it – just be careful. You are accountable for what you do, even if you don’t remember it.

Jerzify Yourself
Jerzify Yourself
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