CC Beauty Live: Daytime Colors

If there’s one question I get asked (as the resident beauty expert in my group of friends) it’s, “What colors can I wear during the day?” I’ve heard this question A LOT and my answer is always the same:

Wear any color you want!

If you feel like wearing green, do it! Blue, do it (carefully – you don’t want to channel the 80s here)! Honestly, whatever color you want to use during the day, you can. As long as you do it right. And with my help, doing it right and looking good will be easy.

In this video, I’ve outlined some ways to incorporate color into your daytime makeup without looking like you’re going out (or coming home…..). I definitely encourage the use of fun colors to spice up your look, so don’t be afraid to try it!
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[Got some beauty questions? Want to try something new but don’t know how to do it? Need help taming that mane? Let me know in the comments section and I can help you out in a future video!]

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