Grammy Red Carpet: The Good, The Bad and The Gaga

The Grammy red carpet is probably my favorite of the season.  Though attendees of the Golden Globes and Oscars are better dressed overall, those at the Grammys bring the good, the bad and the outrageous (and the booze).  The dramatic dressers of the music industry bring out their weird and wonderful performance-esque outfits, blurring the line between stage-worthy and red carpet-appropriate.

While the Grammy’s 52nd red carpet leaves lots for us to tweet about (including a dress with its own hash tag), choosing the best category was definitely difficult this year. Choosing the WTF, however, was a total breeze.

The Good

Rihanna looked absolutely regal in this white Elie Saab dress. Let’s be real – there aren’t many women who can have extra draping on the hips and still look totally smokin’.  Though her smile seemed strained at times, she really pulled herself together and looked somehow chic, elegant and cool all at once.

Lea Michele wore an adorable Romona Keveza feathered dress.  This Glee star opted for a simple look in comparison to a lot of red carpet beauties, but her look was far from safe.

While Jennifer Hudson’s pre-Grammy dress was a poor choice, she reemerged for the televised award show looking elegant, curvy and hot in a black Victoria Beckham dress.  Someone should really tell Mariah that this is how a real woman accentuates her goods.

The Bad

I know that J-Lo loves to push the envelope in her fashion choices, but maybe it’s time she opted for a complete dress for an award show. I can almost see Tim Gunn sitting at home with his arms crossed looking at the TV and thinking, “This worries me.”

I think we can all agree that Ke$ha brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack before she got dressed last night. I’m not sure what’s worse: the bling-meets-Pocahontas dress, her shoe choice, the fact that she looked completely stoned/constipated on the red carpet, or the fact that she looks like a post-op tranny next to Jusin Bieber (and his perfect coif).

While I liked the cut of Katy Perry‘s Zac Posen dress, there are three things I just can’t handle: its similarity to 70s upholstery, the major side boob and all that chest hair showing on her fiancee. Really? Can’t someone tell that man to button up a bit?


Words do not even begin to describe the lack of proper clothing on Britney Spears.  And those shoes? Who is styling this woman!?

I have no idea who Nadeea is. And based on this outfit, I don’t want to.

Ciara is a beautiful girl, but I just don’t understand how she could look in the mirror yesterday and think to herself, “God I look good in this bejeweled lace pant suit.”

The Gaga

Because nothing on Gaga could make me go “WTF?!?!” anymore, she gets her own category. Seriously, I get annoyed carrying a clutch out for the night and Gaga brings along a giant, pointy snowflake? I wonder if she used that to gouge out Taylor’s eyes after she lost for Album of the Year.

Overheard: Dry Heaves
Overheard: Dry Heaves
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