Taylor Swift Is Really, Super, Totally Overrated

It has been about sixteen hours since Taylor Swift won the Grammy for album of the year and I’m still fuming. My heart hasn’t stopped pounding and I haven’t been able to eat a thing (though that might have something to do with the half gallon of hummus I housed during the show).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Taylor Swift is overrated.
And if I was at the Grammys last night, I probably would have chugged a bottle of Hennessy and jumped on the stage to pull a Kanye.

I’ve heard your arguments:
Taylor writes her own music.
She’s the fresh new face of country.
Her songs are really good.
“I actually hate you for writing this article.” (Nice comment from a reader.)

I get it. (Well, not the “I hate you” part; I’m really quite lovable!) I like to sing along to “You Belong With Me” just as much as the next drunk girl (or guy – why do they know every word!?) and I agree that Taylor’s totally cute and gracious and all that jazz. But I just can’t see how anyone can think Taylor Swift’s debut album is better than a single album nominated against her last night, especially Lady Gaga.

And I thought that well before I saw her disastrous performance with Stevie Nicks last night. For those of you who, like myself, tried to black out that sh*tshow, here is the video.
[gorillanation id = 119167]
The show was filled with epic performances by truly talented individuals. And then there was Taylor, proving to the world that she isn’t much without some very crafty editing in a recording studio somewhere in Nashville. Her voice was flat, she couldn’t stay on key and you know Stevie Nicks just wanted to take her tambourine and get the hell out of there.

Yet somehow (probably because the awards were chosen before anyone saw that debacle) Taylor still managed to take home the biggest award of the night.

I’m not saying that Taylor doesn’t have talent – clearly she knows how to write a catchy song and she knows her way around an acoustic guitar – but there is no way her album was the best album of the year. Lady Gaga should have won that award and everybody who isn’t under the Taylor Swift spell (seriously, what kind of perfume is that girl wearing!?) knows that.

Oh and PS: square cleavage looks good on no one. Just sayin’.

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