The Grammys Performances: Who Takes the Cake? [POLL]

Thank god for bikini waxes, right Gaga?

As we all know, The Grammys engulfed the television sets of many last night for an evening full of awe-inspiring musical performances and the outrageously and glamorously dressed.   From the minute I glued myself to my couch with my left-over Chinese food to the minute Taylor Swift accepted her award for Album of The Year, the Grammys did not seize to amaze me and leave me in an abyss of un-answered questions.

Let us recap.

Who was the kid Rihanna and Jay-Z brought up to accept their award; a mysterious love child?

And what happened to my home girl, Lady Gaga? I was pleasantly freaked out by her presence only once. Couldn’t the Grammys have chosen one of the five awards presented to be accepted by Gagaloo herself?

Where was Britney Spears? Where was Kanye? Why didn’t he drop down from the rafters every (effing) time Taylor won an award?

And let’s talk about water acrobatics… in the air…. while singing….with a sparkly vagina; why doesn’t Pink get more credit? Or any credit?

And, really, while no one told me I’d need my 3-D glasses for the MJ tribute (and watching without it gave me a headache), why was everyone at the Grammys wearing them? I mean, isn’t being there already 3-D?

But the biggest question of all (well, besides why people are still giving Taylor Swift awards) is who had the best performance of them all last night. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? I mean, I thought the Grammys were about giving awards, but I guess I was wrong because there were, like, 4 acceptance speeches the whole night. But the performances were some of the best I’ve seen since Janet flashed her nip at the Super Bowl.

Pink and her acrobatic theatrical performance to  ‘Glitter in the Air’:

[gorillanation id = 119043]

Lady Gaga & Elton John’s opening performance to “Speechless”:

[gorillanation id = 119037]

The Michael Jackson Tribute:

[gorillanation id = 119045]

Beyonce‘s “If I Were a Boy”:

[gorillanation id = 119041]

Black Eyed Peas’ futuristic rendition of “Imma Be”:

[gorillanation id = 119049]

Jaime Fox and T-Pain’s “Blame It”:

[gorillanation id = 119047]

So who’s performance was the best of the night? My vote is for Pink. (Britney can’t even dance and sing at the same time, but Pink can hang from ribbon suspended from the ceiling? Amazing.) What do you think?

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