Add Some Green (and Romance) This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day usually includes a whole lotta red. But why not make it a little Green this year? If you’re still looking for the perfect gift idea or V-Day plan – or if your original plan upped your Carbon Footprint by, like, 10 tons – try these earth friendly ideas on for size.

Send an Earth Friendly Card: One billion cards are sent every Valentine’s Day. Lay those puppies down side by side and you could circle the earth five times! Instead of heading to your local Hallmark and taking part in the clearing of unnecessary trees, why not send a card on recycled paper? Or, better yet, a plantable card; when V-Day is long past, your special someone can just pop that card in the ground and watch your love blossom. (That was just too easy.)

Cook Dinner At Home: No need to waste precious gas by driving to a restaurant. Try something different – and far more romantic – and cook a candlelit dinner at home. Getting your produce and meat from a Farmer’s Market is a great idea as everything is locally grown, usually without those pesky pesticides. And those romantic candles will set the mood and eliminate the energy wasted by overhead lighting!

Gifts that Don’t Need Wrapping: Avoid the clichéd box of chocolates or the gifts that require tons of wasteful wrapping paper. Instead, give your love a sensual massage or set up a romantic bubble bath for two (saves on the water!). If you are really feeling green, take this holiday and donate to an environmental cause. It may not have the romantic Valentine’s Day feel, but it will make you feel good inside.

Going Green for V-Day is easy and actually quite appealing. Now if only I had someone to share it (and a bath) with…

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