CollegeCandy’s Super Bowl Drinking Game!

Maybe it will be a friendly game after all.

It’s been almost a month since Iowa dominated the Orange Bowl the college bowl games, and I am already going through fits of withdrawal. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night on my couch, wearing a jersey, with my hand in a bag of pretzels and have no idea how I got there. Sighh, it’s going to be a long seven months until next season.

But lucky for me, the Super Bowl is here to take my mind off that so I can enjoy day-drinking and eating obscene amounts of nine-layer taco dip and wings once again.

After the nail-biter championship game last Sunday, the Super Bowl will be sure to not disappoint. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints beat out Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings in overtime to become the NFC champions and move on to face Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. And there is no better way to celebrate this great coming together of teams than with a lot of beer…

Yes, it’s time for another CollegeCandy drinking game!

Now, there are plenty of football drinking games out there, but this one has been specially created with you lovely ladies in mind. So break out the beer bong and add some Super Bowl decorations to your plot on FarmVille (okay, maybe that’s just me), because here we bring you the CollegeCandy’s Official Super Bowl Drinking Game!

First, it’s crucial that you pick a team to drink to, unless you woke up feeling like P. Diddy and are ready to take on drinking for both. So pick your favorite team (or whichever you deem has the hottest players), your favorite beer–I don’t recommend mixed drinks for this!–and get ready for some sweaty man-on-man action FOOTBALL! (For reference, I usually judge one drink as one sip, not one huge gulp!)

Whenever your team…

Gets a First Down: drink 5
Intercepts the ball: drink 10
Sacks the Quarterback: drink 10
Kicks a field goal: drink half of your beer
Gets a safety: drink half of someone from the opposing team’s beer
Scores a touchdown: chug half of your drink while you do your best celebration dance
Scores a touchdown off a punt return: chug a full beer and run around the room with your arms in the air

But it can’t all be good.

Whenever your team…

Misses a field goal: scream at the TV, then drink 10
Throws an interception: scream obscenities at the TV, then drink 15
Fumbles: drink 5 (but don’t drop your beer on the floor)
Gets a penalty called: push someone from the opposing team, then drink 5
Quarterback gets sacked: Cry, then drink 5

So those are the basic rules. If you’re planning to drink with guys, they might just stick to that. But if the drinking solely revolved around the game, you’d only be drinking 1/3 of the time (seriously, how does an hour long game last for over three?). Here are a few extras to help liven up the in-between play time.

5 Drinks every time:
A lame car commercial takes up 30-seconds that could have been filled with something far more entertaining.
A cute puppy scores a touchdown during the Puppy Bowl (on Animal Planet during halftime!).
A Peyton Manning commercial comes on.
You ask a guy in the room to explain what just happened.
You secretly wish you had a Cosmo instead of Busch Light.

10 Drinks every time:
The camera zooms in on Kim Kardashian (15 if they mention her badonk, 20 if they mention her potential engagement).
Brett Favre retirement is mentioned.
A member of Peyton’s family is talked about (Archie or Eli).
The camera flashes a cute little kid is holding a sign.
You switch over the the Law and Order: SVU marathon.
The Janet/Justin boob-slip is brought up.

And if you want to get especially saucy and don’t feel like going to class until Thursday, drink 1:
When the quarterback throws a pass.
The Who says the word “who” during the halftime show.
For every yard Reggie Bush runs.
For every yard Peyton Manning throws.

Alright ladies, you have the rules and now the only thing left to do is wait until 6pm EST this Sunday, February 7th to tune into CBS for the showdown! And if drinking, good commercials and some really great football don’t excite you, maybe the best butts in the NFL will.

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