Web Spy: The Weather Stylist

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Getting dressed in the morning is always such a hassle: finding an outfit among the array of shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters, shoes, and belts in your closet that’s both stylish and weather-appropriate is both stressful and time-consuming.  Usually, I spend about 10 minutes watching the weather channel with my closet doors open, hoping for inspiration, only to just throw on another tee-cardigan-jeans combination. Which is often not appropriate for the weather.

I’ve always complained that knowing what temperature it is outside doesn’t really help me. “But what does 60 with a 20% chance of showers mean? What should I wear for that???”

Well, someone finally heard my bitching prayers.

The Weather Stylist.

All you do is type in your zip code and The Weather Stylist gives you an outfit suggestion based on the weather forecast for that day (including accessories!).  For example, if it’s raining one day, The Weather Stylist might suggest a hooded cardigan or coat with a tunic, leggings, knee-high boots, and an umbrella.  If you don’t like the outfit it suggests, you can refresh the page to see another option.  Also, if you really love a particular clothing item that the site suggests, they’ve included links to where you can buy the items online.


And like tons of other great sites out there, The Weather Stylist has a mobile site and an iPhone App so you can plan your outfits on the go (no more trying to figure out if it’s too cold for you to wear that new mini-dress tonight).

Another great feature of the site is that you have the option of looking up future weather forecasts, which makes planning outfits for a trip a whole lot easier.  Just type in the dates of your trip and the zip code of where you’re traveling, and you’ll know just what to pack. And that means less space wasted on the multiple types of shirts, sweaters, and pants “in case it’s cold,” and more space for extra shoes.

This site is seriously life-changing!

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