Dear John, I Want To See You

Tomorrow’s a big day. The big day. The day that I’ve been dreaming about for months.

Yes ladies, tomorrow marks the release of Dear John and I. just. can’t. wait.

Call me cheesy. Call me girly. Call me pathetic. Just don’t call me between the hours of 9pm and 11pm when I’m soaking up the chick-flick of the decade with my girls and an overpriced, oversized package of Twizzlers.

And don’t tell me you’re not excited about this one, too. Dear John has all the elements of the perfect movie and here are 5 reasons why I’m already holding tickets to the opening night premiere.

1. I love a good cry. Dear John is adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel by the same name.  Sparks also happens to be the tear-jerking genius who wrote The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, both of which left me heaving into my Diet Coke in the movie theater. As sadistic as it sounds, sometimes I just need me a good cry and after having watched the trailer, um, a lot, I’m positive this movie will give me one.

2. Channing Tatum. As if I even need to mention this. I have admired his chiseled jaw, gorgeous lips, and Adonis-like abs since Step Up came out in 2006. Even after I finally gave up trying to teach myself all the dances in the movie, my love for Channing stuck with me. He was my profile picture on Facebook for awhile. I mentioned him in my final article for my school newspaper. I planned my life as Mrs. Zahra Tatum…

Where was I?

Oh yeah, anyways, all psychosis aside, yes, he was a stripper (NSFW), but he’s gaining real credibility as an actor. I know we’ll get to see a more serious side of him in Dear John, and I’m excited to see how his acting ability has grown. And his pectorals. Because he’s shirtless in this movie…a lot.

3. The trailer is girly glue. You have all the elements of a perfect romance movie: the shirtless guy with sex appeal, the strangely beautiful girl, the gut-wrenching separation and the hot kiss (and I mean hot – if you don’t want to see the movie after that, you don’t have a heart…or a libido).

4. Amanda Seyfried. I am a huge Amanda fan. She went from an unknown to a cult favorite in Mean Girls. Now, she’s a rapidly rising star. She has also found the quickest way to my heart by stunning me every time I see her on the red carpet. Although part of me wants to hate her for getting to roll around half naked with Channing, I can’t help but admire her quirky beauty and be eager to see her try her hand at a romance movie.

5. Everyone Wants Some Lovin’. In this month dedicated to love and romance, it’s nice for those of us without either to get to witness both (without having to watch our friends get all gross, kissy and lovey dovey in front of our faces). And it doesn’t hurt that the guy in love happens to be really, ridiculously good looking.

Did I mention that Channing will be shirtless?
Sigh. I can’t wait!

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The Know: We’ve Got Spirit(s), Yes We Do!
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