CollegeCandy’s Guide to Super Bowl XLIV

Let’s be serious: everyone and their mother (literally) watches the Super Bowl. Whether it’s for phenomenal commercials, gorgeous athletes, a scandalous halftime show, or for the actual sport, the entire country stops what they’re doing on Super Bowl Sunday and tunes in.

Personally, I watch for a combination of all four of these reasons (plus 4 hours of dipping delicious crispy things into delicious mushy stuff), and revel in every second of it. Sure, I’m used to being a little more involved in the actual outcome of the game (I’m a Steelers fan, so I’m used to winning these type things….), but this time I really am excited, because its going to be a battle of two great powerhouses this season.

The Teams:

The Colts (14-2), an unstoppable force from Indianapolis, bring with them a strong team lineup as well as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league. A four-time MVP, and first round draft pick his rookie year, Peyton Manning has done much more than just show up to play the game. The older and more successful brother of the Giant’s current quarterback Eli Manning, Peyton has shown his prowess on the field with his laser rocket arm and perfect sight on the field.

As for the Saints (13-3), they’ve got some hidden talent hiding among their ranks as well. Drew Brees, a highly underestimated quarterback from Purdue, has shown his worth; not only in his multiple pro-bowl appearances but his uncanny ability to lead his team to multiple early season victories (did anyone else watch the first few weeks of this season??). Though you don’t usually hear his name in many “best of the league” talks, you can be sure that he will do his job and do it well in the upcoming game.

As for the three most vital parts of any Super Bowl…


Experts say: No nip-slips this year. Be this good or bad, the TV moguls of the world are making sure that the Halftime Show is as clean as ever. The Who has been confirmed as the official halftime entertainment. Don’t worry, though; as always, those same moguls are trying to make everyone happy. Carrie Underwood will sing the Star Spangled Banner and Queen Latifah will sing America the Beautiful.

I say: I’m excited! There’s really not much else to say, except I’m pretty sure that nobody wants to see any wardrobe malfunctions that The Who will have…


Experts say: will be the very first commercial aired for the Super Bowl. And there’s a 99% chance it will involve a hot girl and her boobs. However, in even more controversial news, there won’t be any Pepsi commercials. At all. Despite the past 23 years where Pepsi commercials have been a mainstay during the Big Game, the company has decided to pull itself out. (Editor’s Note: probably because that stuff tastes like crap.) As for some other contenders in the commercial line-up, you can expect all of the regulars: Audi, Honda, Volkswagen, Dove, Disney, Coke, and more as well as a few surprises like…. The US Census Bureau? WTF?

I say: Fingers crossed for talking babies.


Experts say: Last, but certainly not least, it’s game time. According to ESPN, regular visitors to the site have voted the Colts at a significant advantage (nearly 20% when I casted my own vote!). Football experts and the people over in Vegas agree. On paper, the Saints actually come out with a higher likelihood of a win, but everyone (and their mother) believes that the Colts will come out on top.

I say: The Saints. Hands down. I think they’re a great team, and they deserve this win. They had a phenomenal start to their season and have shown dominance in this sport all year. Additionally, it’s their very first Super Bowl. Though this may make some skeptical, they’re a highly skilled team who knowwhat they’re doing and have proven to react well under pressure. After all, the Steelers won their first Super Bowl appearance (and then went on to win four of the next six ), so I have confidence that another team could certainly do the same. (Sorry, had to throw my boys in there at least once….)

And that, my friends, is all you need to know before Super Bowl Sunday. Now go grab a beer, some wings and a giant bowl of guac (everyone else can get their own) and enjoy the game.

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