Weekly Wrap Up: Gimme Some Guacamole and Candy Hearts

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone – we have officially surpassed another stressful week!  And if you are a hopeless romantic like me, Channing Tatum is closing out the week with a bang (or a box full of tissues) in Dear John. And I. Am. Looking forward to it.  Besides drooling excessively over Mr. Tatum’s abs, we have a lot more to look forward to this weekend: dance parties, our last football Sunday for the season, and busting our minds for that perfect (reasonably cheap) gift for a special someone.

And, yes, it still counts if the gift is for you.

So, my lovely College Candies, let us reflect on the busy week that was:

As I found myself tearing up over the finale of Teen Mom, we closed the (drama-filled) season with one final question.

For some, something about blowing out candles post-graduation feels…a little disappointing.

Taylor Swift is getting really good at those acceptance speeches.  Don’t you think she could stop acting so surprised? It is getting a little old.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer, we are left wondering why Average Joe didn’t let me breeze into the classroom first as he held the door open. Um, hello Romeo? Where art thou?

The Grammys did not seize to completely blow us away with some serious red carpet “uh whats?” and “oh wows.”

We learned the snow, cold temperatures, and dry skin may not be the only thing triggering those winter blues. Ok, so what gives?

Speaking of dry skin, my hair is starting to resemble a hay stack; these tips could help.

Superbowl Sunday is a hop, skip and gaining-ten-pounds-in-one-day away.  No thanks, nacho plate. But this? Yes, please.

Now that we are talking about football, food, and some quality new commercials, we have a little something else to keep things interesting during the big game.

Whew, that is a lot of good stuff. I believe a ‘Bachelor’ marathon is in the cards for my afternoon. Before the party anyway.

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WTF Friday: Muff Dive With Spirit Airlines
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