Who Are You Rooting for In Super Bowl XLIV?

My name is Sammie and I…am a Giants fan.

It is a sad truth that only served me well three years ago when we pulled out the fantastic miracle that was Super Bowl XLII.  This year, at the very least, it isn’t the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts.  Two very interesting teams, which for some sad reason have players I, as a pop culture junkie as well as a sports fan, recognize from their liaisons with Kardashians (Saints Running Back, Reggie Bush) and their surprisingly hilarious guest spots on Saturday Night Live (Colts QB, Peyton Manning).

But there’s more to these two powerhouses than those hotties, and tomorrow night’s game is gonna be a biggie.

Both teams have had a great season (duh – they’re in the Super Bowl) so I’m having a tough time picking a favorite. Do I go with the team favored by every football expert out there (the Colts), or do I cheer for the team that has a lot more to prove (Saints)?

It’s a tough call akin to choosing between wasting calories on guacamole or buffalo wings, but because I find Peyton Manning so funny and on top of everything (he may be one of the most talented players to ever handle the pigskin… does anyone even say that anymore?) I think I’m gonna have to go for the Colts this year.

What about you, dear CollegeCandy readers: who is your choice for Super Bowl XLIV?

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