My Ideal Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day sure does have a way of sneaking up on me and my singleness every year. And I’m not sure how it happens, seeing as the heart-shaped candy has been out since December. But while I may be forced to cuddle up with my pup come Sunday, it turns out that most people – single or taken – would actually prefer it!

Makes sense; why spend oodles of money on a fancy dinner and a gift your boy-toy won’t even use when you can get the unconditional love of a pooch? Or, one of these wonderful Valentine’s Day companions:

1. Chocolate (in the form of an un-baked baked good)

Pass me some raw Tollhouse Cookie dough or a bowl of brownie mix; I’ll take that over a date any day of the year. Chocolate has been there for me through the good times and bad, it’s never cheated on me, and it’s never dumped me the day before my birthday (true story). Although it leaves somewhat of an impact on my thighs, it treats me better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had. Not to mention that eating it releases endorphins to chase away the single girl blues!

2. Trashy TV

Teen Mom? Millionaire MatchmakerTop Model? JERSEY SHORE!? You mean I don’t have to do my hair, swipe on the makeup or – gasp – put on pants? Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day date to me.

3. My Home Girls

Just because I don’t have someone to get naked with doesn’t mean I don’t have any love in my life. I love, love, love my girls and there’s no reason we can’t take part in all the V-day festivities. Romantic dinner for two (girls)? Why not? Indulging in a whole lot of #1 and #2 together? I think I shall.

4. My Gay Best Friend

I honestly can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend V-day with.  We can shop, go out to dinner, and cuddle in bed without any expectations (except to watch Project Runway and critique all the designers).  And he usually has a lot more romantic troubles (which are somehow always more exciting) on his mind to talk about than I do, so I feel instantly better.

5. (Two Buck) Chuck

Be it boxed or bottled, red or white, wine is the perfect company for Valentine’s Day. I love wine and wine loves me, so it makes total sense for us to spend the day and night together.

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