A Single Girl’s (Tried and True) Guide to Valentine’s Day

On the dreaded day of February 14th, I used to be the cliché girl dressed in all black because I proclaimed Valentine’s Day to be a dumb holiday created by card companies to ruin the institution of love. But really, I was just bitter about that fact that I wouldn’t be receiving a single Valentine’s card, nor did I have anybody to give one to.

My first Valentine’s without a boyfriend, I found myself alone with only Ben & Jerry (and maybe Jose Cuervo) to comfort me. I watched Kate & Leopold. I watched A Walk to Remember. I watched The Notebook. To top it all off, I ate half of my body weight in chocolates that my mother sent me. DE-PRESS-ING.

So after three consecutive Valentine’s Days cursing happy couples and dressing like Marilyn Manson, I figured there had to be a better way to “celebrate” and vowed to never be the bitter, depressing, single girl again. And for the past three years, I have had the happiest and most fun Valentine’s Days ever. And I’ve been single for every single one.

I can truthfully state that, as a single girl, Valentine’s Day is now my third favorite holiday (after Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday, of course).

My other single girl friends (all my single ladies!) and I made a pact to treat Valentine’s Day differently and make it better than the good ‘ol days when we had boyfriends to buy us jewelry and roses. We all spend the day together; we even go out in public (we’re brave) with all the happy couples holding hands and glowing with the aura of young love.

We make our Valentine’s Day special and spend it with people we love – like a traditional Valentine’s Day – we just spice it up with a bit more fun and a lot more estrogen.

First we play Secret Cupid (just like Secret Santa) and each draw a name from a hat, and then buy that person a gift (for under $15). Then on the 14th, we all get gussied up, go out to a fabulous dinner, where we treat ourselves to cocktails and desserts, and reveal our Secret Cupid and hand out the gifts. After, we go see the latest chick flick release that corresponds with the holiday. This year, we can’t wait to see Valentine’s Day and the ensemble cast that includes Taylor Squared. (FYI, Taylor Lautner is finally 18 on February 11th, so we can all be legally attracted to him now!! Unfortch, we still have to wait a little longer on Justin Bieber).

Not only do we benefit from the Valentine’s Day restaurant specials (there are some awesome deals out there!), but we get presents and get incredibly tipsy while having a fabulous time. We’re straight out of a scene from Sex and the City, except not as old and we aren’t trying to sleep with the waiter. Well, most of us….

It’s a drama free night with zero expectations. We don’t have to make declarations of our love to each other (although we do!) and don’t have to have any DTR talks about what stage of the relationship we’re in. But we do get the same benefits that couples get on Valentine ’s Day by spending the holiday with people we love… we just have a different soundtrack. Rather than Marvin Gaye on our iPods to get us in the mood, we blast Beyonce’s song and scream about our singleness.

I am single. I am single. I am single and I love Valentine’s Day, and I am not afraid to say it!

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