Bored To Death. Literally.

So we all know that boredom can lead to a lot of bad things: eating, online shopping, texting the ex BF and telling him that you still love him (OK, maybe that’s just me). But did you know boredom can actually kill you? Yeah, that’s what scientists in London are saying. And if that’s the truth, there are quite a few things out there that should be eradicated before they’re put on trial for murder.

The Treadmill.
Running on a treadmill is good for you, my ass. Running in place for 45 minutes is basically running yourself into the ground. 6 feet into the ground, to be exact.

Professors who lecture for the entire class without. stopping. once.
These scary germs of people only have one tone of voice, and it’s a horrible monotone that appears to only exist for the purpose of putting those who hear it into a boring coma.  These teachers just drone on and on about the importance of supply and demand or whatever, not even stopping for breath, and not realizing that half of their audience is either on Facebook or dead asleep. Or, apparently, dead.

Family functions where no one is your age.
There are only so many old people stories about your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncle/weird cousins you can take before you keel over and die.

We know that watching PBS is supposedly a very good idea, being that it is a channel for “smart people” and watching it makes you seem slightly more sophisticated.  People definitely look at you differently if you start a conversation with “Last night I saw the oddest thing on PBS” than if you start out with “Last night on Jersey Shore…”  But the sad thing about things that are supposedly that good for you?  THEY ARE EPICALLY BORING.  I can’t even imagine how many people have been killed by this one channel alone.

Talking about the weather
When people start talking about the weather, it’s official that all other subjects of conversation have run out.  “Looks like rain today” is literally one of the most boring things that anyone can add to a conversation, and that person should be arrested.

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