CollegeCandy’s Official Vancouver Olympics Drinking Game

Even Quatchi wants to play!

Why do we love the Olympics? Is it the patriotism? Is it the two week long parade of international hotties? The never ending supply of Lifetime movie-worthy inspirational stories? The adrenaline rush of nonstop athletic competition?

If you’re like us at CollegeCandy, the answer is a big Y-E-S to to all of the above. But in case you’re an Olympic skeptic, we’ve got the perfect drinking game to get you in the spirit and have some fun with the ’round-the-clock coverage soon to take over a television set near you.  (Not like you needed an excuse to party every night for two weeks, right?)

What you’ll need:
A television set
A few copies of these rules
A bevy of your closest/rowdiest friends
Your drink of choice!

The Rules:
There are three categories for the game, which are self-explanatory and are as follows: Take a Drink, Take Two Drinks, and Finish Your Drink.

Take A Drink when:

* A competitor from your country takes the ice/slopes.
* Bob Costas appears.
* You hear the phrase, “[Insert athlete name here] is a superstar in his/her homeland.”
* You hear the phrase, “a truly inspirational story.”
* The camera pans to an athlete’s family members in the crowd.
* You hear the words “determination,” “focus,” “stamina,” “speed,” or “grace”
* Scenery from Vancouver is shown.
* There are flashbacks to Olympics of years past.
* It’s snowing.

Take Two Drinks when:

* A national anthem is played.
* A male figure skater’s costume has as much, if not more, sparkle than his female partner.
* A competitor scores a new record for his or her country.
* An athlete wins his or her second (or third, or fourth, etc.) Olympic medal. Take a third drink if it’s a multiple within this Olympiad.
* Any segment on Canadian/Vancouver culture is shown.
* Someone younger than you wins a medal.
* There’s a crash!
* There is a video montage of an athlete’s story of overcoming adversity (poverty, an injury, etc.)
* Any final is decided by less than a second (i.e. if a speedskater wins by 0.35 seconds) or less than a point.
* A skater lands a quadruple jump.

Finish Your Drink when:

* A world record is set.
* A competitor from your country wins gold.
* Anyone representing a “non-wintery” country (think: Jamaican bobsled team) wins a medal.
* Someone receives a perfect score.
* Curling is on (it’s the only way to get through it, really)

Most importantly, remember to drink responsibly!

Bored To Death. Literally.
Bored To Death. Literally.
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