In The Know: Southwest Is Having a Sale!

I have a very serious boyfriend.

He may give me peanuts instead of flowers and he probably doesn’t enjoy the fact that I blare Backstreet Boys and the Glee soundtrack for hours at a time, but I’d say we are pretty committed.

And if the “check bags free” wasn’t enough to make Southwest Airlines my perma-beau, this new sale (which ends tomorrow so PAY ATTENTION) made me swoon with delight.

Southwest is currently offering fares as low as $39 each way (excluding Friday and Sunday travel) to their many destinations. And you can book any trip between now and May 25th, which, as you all know, includes SPRING BREAK, baby! Didn’t think you’d be able to get somewhere warm for a little R&R (or GTL) this year? Well thanks to my boyf, that a pina-colada-fest is totally do-able. (And hopefully the bar tender serving it will be as well. Count it!)

Book by 11:59 pm tomorrow (that’s February 12th, people) for trips from March 15-May 25th. Go home for your Easter egg hunt or to help your bubbie make gelfite fish. Go visit your long-lost best friend from 2nd grade or plan a trip with the girls. Book that trip you’ve been longing to go on – like to the Yearning for Zion ranch…. or, you know, Vegas.

Hell for $39 AND free baggage (and peanuts!) you can do both!!

**If the $39 fares don’t cover where you want to go, be sure to check their other great deals: here.

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Campus Couture: KP, Quinnipiac
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