Music No More for MTV

MTV has been by my side ever since Justin Timberlake was breaking it down with N*sync on Total Request Live. Yes, it seems crazy now, but MTV used to actually have shows dedicated to music (TRL being a personal favorite). And just recently, like a very public break-up on Facebook, MTV has made it official and removed “Music Television” from their new logo, and replaced it with… Snooki?

Yup, Snooks is now the face (and ginormous Guidette boobs) of MTV. And the world is in a tizzy.

Ever since MTV unveiled the new logo, sans any sign of music, the media has been abuzz. People are shocked and dismayed by the change, dumbfounded by the fact that there is no more music at Music Television. But why?

When was the last time you actually saw any music on MTV? Or any band (that wasn’t being put together by Diddy on a reality show)? Can’t remember? Yeah, that’s because it was forever ago when Carson Daly wasn’t manorexic and there were still 5 Backstreet Boys. Lately, the only (small slice) of a music video any of us has seen is during the credits after an episode of Teen Mom.

MTV may have only recently dropped “music” from their logo, but they escorted those tunes out the door slowly and strategically.  Carson Daly left TRL; they started playing only half of “Oops I did it Again” on the countdown; and The Real World, Laguna Beach, The Hills, Jersey Shore phenomenon(s) began. Much like that BF who stopped sending cute texts, stopped sleeping over and stopped leaving stuff at your place before he finally dumped you, it was hard not to see this change coming.

And it’s a change for the good!

I don’t know about you, but I would rather watch a dramatic 16 and Pregnant episode than an over-played Jay-Z music video any day. And if the musical urge strikes me, I can seek it elsewhere, like YouTube or on MTV2 at your parents’ house.

The only thing about this situation (not The Sitution) that surprises me at all is that they didn’t just rename the network. MTV clearly doesn’t make sense anymore, so why didn’t they opt for something that represented the programming?

Maybe GPTV (Guilty Pleasure Television)? Or MPLBONTV (Make People Look Bad On National Television)? Or SRSTV (Scripted Reality Show Television)? Or even PDTV (Puff Daddy Television)?

At least those would be more appropriate. But I guess sticking a pic of The Situation’s abs in the logo works, too.

From Popeater: The Jersey Shore Crew is Cashing In
From Popeater: The Jersey Shore Crew is Cashing In
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