Coupled. And Yes, I Hate Valentine’s Day!

Hey, single ladies, guess what? I’m in a relationship and I hate Valentine’s Day, too!

There seems to be an unspoken February rule that if you have a boyfriend you are not allowed to complain about Valentine’s Day. I, for one, think this is bulls**t. I have a boyfriend, yes, but you know what? I hate Valentine’s Day. Haaaaaaate it.I hate it even more when I have a boyfriend than when I don’t!

Here are the top three reasons, in my book, why the big V Day can suck it.

1. Holidays that come with expectations are always stressful (see: New Year’s Eve, anniversaries, etc.), and Valentine’s Day is one of the worst. It’s one of those days full of things you are ‘supposed’ to do, and the pressure to be creative and thoughtful and loving and perrrrrfect is totally overwhelming. That can often lead to a seriously sucky night, especially if you and boyfriend are not on the exact same page about the whole event. Ladies, admit it, we can be tricky about this day. We “don’t really care about it” and, “it’s not a big deal,” but sometimes that just means “I want YOU to think of something and surprise me.” Nothing ruins a holiday like silent disappointment, when you can’t really be mad about a lack of, well, anything, because that’s exactly what you said you wanted! And it’s doubly bad if you planned something for your honey, only to have your sweet surprise be one-sided. Okay, maybe that’s just me, but I hope I’m not alone.

2. The implications of Valentine’s Day are super annoying, if you think about it. In some ways it’s cute to have a day dedicated to expressing your love for each other. But honestly, I am bats**t crazy in love with my boyfriend, but I don’t love him more on Valentine’s Day than I do any other day of the year. I am lucky enough to have a relationship that is pretty affectionate most of the time, so how am I supposed to make this day bigger and better and MORE loving?! It becomes a big deal when it’s just a goddamn day, like any other day!

3. Single Valentine’s Day is fun! It’s an excuse to have a party, to hang out with your girlfriends, to eat chocolate and drink champagne, all in the name of single solidarity. Just because I have a man doesn’t mean I’ve given up bitching about them!

If you are one of those couples out there who adore Valentine’s Day, more power to you. Get yourself a heart-covered jar of chocolate body paint and have yourself a ball. I am just not one of you, and I don’t need to fight you for an overpriced romantic dinner reservation. Boyfriend, you’re off the hook. And this time, I really mean it.

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