Do-It-Yourself Tuesdays: Rhinestone Bobby Pins

If you’ve read any of my DIY columns, then you probably know I’m completely in love with hair flair! I love a good headband, head-wrap, and now I’m really into adding some bling to spice up a normal hair day.

And although I love a bold hair flair statement, I also like elegant and simple hair accessories, too, like sequined and rhinestone bobby pins.

Because hair accessories are all the rage right now, they can also be really expensive! And we all know that us college kids don’t have the moolah to spend $10 on a bobby pin. So here is a money savvy way to add that extra elegant glam to a normal hair day without adding the extra cash.

What You’ll Need:
Large or Extra Large Bobby Pins: Get bobby pins in your hair color to keep it simple, or use brighter color bobby pins for a bolder statement! Find these at any local drug store, Target, or grocery store!
Small Rhinestones (or sequins): These will be later glued onto your bobby pins, so make sure they are small enough to fit nicely onto the pin! Use multiple colors for some fun, or keep it classy with black and silver rhinestones that will create a more sophisticated look. Find these at your local craft store: Joann Fabrics and Michael’s  have a huge variety.
Superglue: You can pick this up at any drug store, hardware store, or Target. Don’t use the brush-on-superglue – instead use the normal super glue with the small tip (which will make for easy application!).
Tweezers: This is optional but they’ll make the process a lot easier…and prevent you from getting your fingers stuck together.

What You’ll Do:

1. Apply a small dot of super glue to the bottom of your rhinestone. Using your tweezers, or a steady hand, apply your rhinestone to the top of the flat edge of the bobby pin (the non-edgy side). Let dry.

2. Repeat step 1 until you have rhinestones covering your bobby pin. Alternate rhinestone colors or use the same color rhinestone throughout. Let dry!

3. Work it, girl! These aren’t your normal bobby pins anymore and aren’t just for keeping those tricky hairs in place. These bobby pins are fashion and function! Pull your hair back into a messy bun and add the bobby pins for extra glam…or you could always use them to create that perfect jersey shore bump!

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