Eau De The Situation?

It looks like America’s favorite Guidos and Guidettes want to be remembered for more than just GTL, fist-pumping and grenades. Now this Slammin’, Sausage Eatin’ Seven is branching out into the business world.  We’ve all heard about J-Woww’s clothing line, and now The Situation is also trying to cash in on his fame.  I know I’m not the only one who’d never purchase anything from J-Woww designs (unless it was for the Jersey Shore themed parties that are becoming so popular on campus), and I can’t imagine a Mike Sorrentino cologne being any more desirable.

The Situation wants his scent to smell like money. Yes, money. But when I think of El Situacion, the first scent that comes to mind is a gross combination of tanning oil, gym sweat, and herpes. Vom.  I mean, is there really a market for guys that want to smell like a douche bag?

And what’s next? A hair product line by Pauly D? Brass knuckles by Ronnie? A Snooki pickle line?

I’m all about making the big bucks, but maybe these Guidos should stick to what they know best: selling t-shirts and smushing women on the boardwalk.

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