From PopEater: Oprah Says No Way to John Mayer

John Mayer’s disastrous Playboy interview in which he dropped the N-word and told naughty bedroom secrets about Jessica Simpson is too much for even Oprah Winfrey to handle. Oprah’s couch — which has been a platform for dozens of celebrity apologies and explanations — isn’t open to the guitarist just yet. Why? Because O is great pals with one of John’s exes!

Oprah’s Not Talking to John Mayer

Whenever a celebrity does something stupid, they often end up begging for forgiveness on Oprah’s sofa — but not John Mayer. Apparently he’s going to have to find someone else’s shoulder to cry on, because the talk show queen is refusing to have the attention-seeking singer on her set. Oh, Johnny-boy, you know you’ve done bad when Oprah won’t let you boost her show’s ratings!

What does Oprah have to say? Read the rest right here.

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