Big Ego, Small Junk, Big Problems

Since the dawn of time, man has dealt with an ego (the whole brain, really) that is directly linked to his junk.  We all know that guys have issues with their…size, and use it as their defining trait when it comes to women. While this may illicit a giggle from the ladies who have had to deal with these silly boys, it turns out that this may not be a laughing matter.

Scientists at the University of Kentucky and the Kinsey Institute for Sex have discovered that 45% of men are using ill-fitting condoms.  As a result, they became more of a nuisance than a protective measure, and so less men are using condoms at all, citing discomfort and lack of pleasure.

What could explain this odd pattern?

It turns out that men have such fragile egos that they refuse to buy condoms in the correct size (like small or medium) and are instead buying condoms that are too large, or forgoing the whole protection thing all together!

Because that little old lady at the CVS checkout counter really cares what size condom dudes wear. And because the girls they’re gettin’ down with won’t notice their size when they’re, um, NAKED IN FRONT OF THEM. How pathetic. Does it really matter how much heat a dude is packing when he becomes one of the 25% of college students with an STD? Or when he’s spending his time between class changing diapers? Is the embarrassment of having a smaller member really worth all that?

You don’t see girls walking around with size DD bras on their B breasts because they’re embarrassed. And I can’t tell you one girl I know who buys Super Plus tampons because she doesn’t want people to know she’s got a small, well, you know…

Guys need to grow up and move on. No one cares what size condom you wear…we just want you to wear one.

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