I Love Your Style: Joan Holloway

Who inspires your style? Or better question, WHAT inspires your style? Many of us use fashion icons (like Edie Sedgwick) or celebrities (like Chloe Sevigny) as style inspiration, even though, most of the time, they are being dressed from head to toe by the best stylists. Which we don’t have. And sometimes it’s damn near impossible to work their Hollywood looks into our not-so-Hollywood lives. I’ve made it my mission to tap into the mind of a fashion stylist and show you how to take your style inspiration – whatever it may be – and make it more you!

I’m going to be completely honest with err-body in the club gettin’ tipsy.  I’ve watched Mad Men maybe one time (or less) during Christmas break and wasn’t exactly its number one fan. But for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of Joan Holloway’s style and attitude on the show. And that’s probably the only reason I lasted as long as I did…

In the office, Joan wiggles around making the majority of her male (and some female, unsurprisingly) co-workers on the show pull at their collars.  Not because of her bold red hair or even the fact that she lets her curves do the talkin’ when it comes to her tailored-by-a-naughty-secretary office-wear.  It’s that one word we can never stop using: confidence.

If she wasn’t so completely and utterly secure and confident with herself (and her mad man skills in and out of the office), then I doubt she’d have as many fans as she currently does.  Wait, nope. That’s a lie.  There’s wayyy too much to love about Joan’s feminine and subtly sexy style that would make most men decide they really “need to work late tonight.” And if you looked as good at her, you’d have her sky high confidence, too. So why not take a little inspiration from everyone’s favorite red-headed-curvy-sexy-’60s-secretary?

Product Info: Red signature dress – Lulu’s, $35; Wool Jacket – Alloy, $72 ; Pen Necklace- Amazon, $20; Monochrome peep-toe shoe – Asos, $49.70; Rose crescent hoop earrings set – Forever 21, $3.80

This outfit represents Joan’s style almost too well. It’s understated yet sexy, easy yet glamorous. The red dress comes together in all the right places and would be perfect for a date. In fact, I think it’s safe to assume that your date is going to want to start grabbin’ your curves even tighter than the dress does.  The signature pen necklace is a recurring staple in Joan’s wardrobe, as are the earrings that look like you stole inherited them from your grandma.  The coat is more modern, since you don’t exactly want to look like you just walked out of the ’60s, but still gives you a little old school glamour. And then there’s the shoes. I have 6.5 words for you: Cream peep-toe Mary-Jane T-Straps.  Droooooool.

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