Seven Deadly Beauty Sins


We ladies spend a lot of our time making ourselves beautiful. Between the haircuts, the tweezing, the manicures, the bronzers… it’s exhausting. And it could all be a waste of time, according to a poll over at Glamour Magazine. They asked some guys what they thought of our beauty tricks and the boys let it all out.

Turns out they’re not fans of super thin eyebrows, over-tanning, claw fingernails, and caked on makeup.  To most women, this seems fairly obvious, but since there were pictures accompanying this article (i.e. photo evidence that these beauty blunders actually happen), it might not be as obvious as I thought.

Being a lady who writes for ladies, I thought I’d do everyone a service and break down beauty’s seven deadliest sins and share why you might wanna put the breaks on that daily GTL.

OVER-TANNING is like nails on a chalkboard for my eyes, but yet, as I live and breathe, I see bronzer accidents all over the place.  Guys are not really that interested in your tan’s status, and for most, that’s a good thing.  I have friends who are gorgeous and fair but they still use the self-tanner, which inevitably either turns them orange or streaks something fierce, or (gasp) turn to tanning beds.  What could possibly be less attractive than a leathery oompa-loompa coming up to you in a bar?  I have never met a guy who turned down a girl because she was too pale.  I have, however, known guys who turn down these scary “bronzed” creatures.

CAKED ON MAKEUP.  If a guy can see where your makeup ends and your face begins, it not only looks bad, but it could make most men wonder what it is you’re hiding under that 3 inches of powder.

SUPER THIN EYEBROWS.  I don’t even know how looking like a surprised RuPaul can seem like a good idea to anyone.

CLAW FINGERNAILS.  People declaw cats for a reason – because they hurt. You think lady-nails are any different? I’m not surprised these things turn guys off; who wants to end a date rubbing Neosporin all over their bodies?

INSANE EYE MAKEUP.  The neon Cleopatra look may fly on Mardi Gras or the NYFW ruwnays, but on a regular Saturday, not so much.  A guy who looks at the Gaga-like sparkle-fest happening on your face will likely completely dismiss you as super high maintenance… or a drag queen.

REFLECTIVE LIPS.  People shouldn’t be able to check their makeup in yours.

BIG HAIR.  Guys like hair that looks like they can run their fingers through it, not hair that will swallow their hands whole. Just like most girls can’t stand a guy with Pauly D levels of gel and product in their hair, guys can’t deal with the whole extensions, hairspray, volumizer, pouf deal either.

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