Single. And Cynical

This has been a rough month. On top of approaching midterms, stress over summer internship plans, and the most awful Political Science professor known to mankind (he legitimately looks like a cartoon character, has the intelligence of an action figure, and wears his cell phone around his neck on a rope…), it seems like half of my school has recently been broken up with. Yes, apparently Break Up Season has officially begun, and as a result four of my best girlfriends are in varying degrees of ending relationships!

Since we returned from winter break, I have been in red alert nurturing mode, making sure that chocolate, ice cream, and Sex in the City episodes are all abundant for the initial mourning process for my girls. My phone, which usually I can never even find, is on uber loud at all hours so I can be there for the melt-downs at all times. When the grieving stage has passed, I’ve been there to make sure that the random rebound hook-ups (inspired by one too many whiskey sours) don’t turn into even bigger mistakes.

I have absolutely no problem taking care of my friends, but seeing their raw pain after a break up is heart wrenching for me. It makes me flash back to how upset I was when I broke up with the boy I dated for three years. I had never understood before why some people became so upset over a break up. Then it happened to me, and I collapsed. I was a sh*tshow (and not in the fun, had one too many cocktails kind of way…) for way longer than I’d care to admit, and sometimes I still don’t know how I survived that. I have the best friends in the world; otherwise I would’ve long gone insane.

Seeing so many good friends upset over some a**hole move a boy pulled makes me not want to ever talk any male ever again, let alone date one. I’m not usually the cynical, bitter type, but I do not ever want to be in a position to be hurt like that again.

You know how people say that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Well, the mood I am in tonight makes me want to punch those people. Because when you’ve never fallen for a guy, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Now I look back on that ignorance as bliss.

And that’s all I have to say about that. It’s time for this (temporarily cynical and bitter) single girl to put another upset, drunk, newly single friend to bed.

Coupled. Through the Tough Times
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