Weekly Wrap Up: I Can’t Stop Watching The Olympics

I don’t know about you, but I could not stop watching the thrill of moguls, downhill skiing, and the hockey hunks tear it up over the ice this week.  Something about the Olympics just brings me back to when I wanted to be Kristi Yamaguchi (but not Tonya Harding), and now that the weekend is gracing my fingertips, I have more time to watch the Games and use the long commercial breaks to daydream about prancing around the quad this spring in style.

Is it April yet?
OK, it was only just Mardi Gras this week. Clearly I’m getting too ahead of myself.

In the meantime, here are some interesting points to chew on:

– While Spring Break is inching closer and you are hitting the tanning beds for that ideal bikini base-tan (hello, beer in Mexico!) you may want to keep this in mind.

– Men let their penis insecurities get in the way of safety and birth control. True story.

– Oh Cosmopolitan, you say some pretty ridiculous things sometimes; it’s amazing some of us can still rope in a man.

– Is smiling a required accessory?

– It is time to spice up your accessories, and who knew it could be so easy and cheap!

– Does college really determine the Political Views tab on your Facebook profile?

– Rpatz is allergic to vaginas? Well, we’re allergic to bulls**t and Mr. Pattinson is making our throats a little itchy…

– We’ve all had our share of  traveling down D-bag Avenue, but this list will make you feel like it was a two way street.

– Speaking of D-bag Avenue, do you miss the man living on it, or the the relationship it entailed?

– And when things ended, did you find yourself struggling with returning his things?

– Recently, John Mayer decided to dispose some pretty personal info between him and J. Simpson’s sexy time. I know of some other things that do not need to be shared with the class.

And that’s a wrap (up).
It’s Friday, and that calls for Happy Hour with the girlfriends and a little Olympics Drinking Game action. Have a great weekend!

WTF Friday: Elin and Tiger (Still) Sittin’ In a Tree?
WTF Friday: Elin and Tiger (Still) Sittin’ In a Tree?
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