Wardrobe Wish List: Victoria’s Secret Yoga Knot-Waist Foldover Pant

Don't worry; you don't need to be on some lush beach to look hot in these.

So…I’m really proud of myself. I’m not trying to brag or anything (okay maybe I am, but, hey, we all need a little pat on the back once in a while), but for once in my life I have actually managed to keep my “stop being a fat-ass and go to the gym” News Year’s resolution.

We are well into February, people – that’s a strong month and a half of sweating my ass off during hour-long elliptical sessions and then spending the entire next day unable to sit down on the toilet.

But while my motivation is going strong, I’ve hit a major road block when it comes to gym apparel. I’m only going to end up drenched in sweat anyway, so why does it really matter what I wear, you say.

Point taken.

But there are also a handful of hot guys bench-pressing in the corner and my ripped sweatpants really aren’t doing me any justice. I’m already wheezing like an 80-year-old man with my hair plastered to my forehead; at least my ass could look nice in the process.

Which is why I am totally adding the Victora’s Secret Yoga Knot Waist Foldover Pant to my list of must-have items. If you’ve never owned a pair of workout pants from Vicky’s you haven’t lived. They are hands down the most comfortable thing I have ever slipped into, not to mention only 1/3rd of the price of those Lululemons! And even if you’ve already given up on your workout goal, I always have a pair on hand for those lazy mornings when real clothes just aren’t going to happen (but I don’t want the saggy “I just pooped my pants” look that comes with your average sweats).

Plus, these pants are freakin’ adorable. The side-knot is subtly sexy and completely unexpected for a workout pant, and the color-blocking is totally on trend for spring. I also love the stretch material that molds perfectly to your body and feels barely-there when running (it’s hard enough to get moving, I don’t need a baggy sweatpant slowing me down).

I say seize every opportunity to look hot, so why pass up the chance to strut into the gym and turn heads? You never know, you could burn some calories and snag a date for Friday night…and that’s killing two resolutions with one stone if I’ve ever seen it.

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