Embrace the Embarrassing

Aw! You tripped in the middle of the quad and a tampon sky rocketed into the public eye.  The ‘Lion King’ soundtrack on your iTunes popped up unannounced during a study break with the cutest dude in your class. You managed to spill fruit juice on your white blouse before a huge presentation.

I get the picture, embarrassing things happen to the best (and most innocent) of us.

But in a college world where things need to be taken pretty seriously, you have to love and embrace them!  Why else wouldn’t the word ’embrace’ begin the same way as ’embarrassing?’ Well, the first three letters anyway.

Really, embarrassing moments are so much more than a shot to your ego, they are an opportunity to laugh at yourself (and others) if the time is right. They bring people together. They show us as we really are at our most vulnerable. And, when you look back, they’re really, really funny.

Getting caught ‘O-faced” singing to ‘One Time’ in your car.

I know it may be embarrassing when stranger Joe rolls up next to you at a stoplight and catches you belting the lyrics “Baby” by Justin Bieber like your love life depends on it. I mean, I may not be 15, or four feet tall, but I do have the pipes to share the empty space in my Ford Escort. And the personal concert I’ve held for myself on the way to class may have just brightened my entire day, whether or not Joe is pointing and laughing at me.

Videos of people falling.

If you are having a bad day, pop up You Tube on your browser and go ape-crazy.  Videos of people falling may turn your cloudy day into a vibrant shining one. And nobody should turn down the opportunity for a giggle-fest study break.

Personal footage of yourself falling.

When I trip and fall, usually, I mean business. I have scars and scrapes to prove it. And a 30-minute laugh session with my girlfriends while eating pie at Bakers Square the next day. I hadn’t laughed that hard telling a story since, well probably last night, but that is because I fall so much. Worth it.

Sharing an embarrassing story with your crush.

Whether or not it is recapping a super embarrassing drunken story, or a tid-bit about your relatives, nobody can get past blabbing absent-mindedly to your crush about something you will probably regret later.  But what you won’t regret later? Knowing that he’s sticking around for the long haul, even when you’re being yourself.

Listening to NSync/Backstreet Boys/Hanson on your downtime.

Whichever you prefer, boy bands are a universal guilty pleasure (at least in my opinion) and something you shouldn’t be ashamed about.  They send you back into adolescent teenage-hood where the answers of the dating universe are”Larger Than Life.” And have you ever been a part of a college-NSync-chorus via dorm room with your friends? Probably one of the best embarrassing things to admit to, ever.

“Beating the beat” on the dance floor.

Shake your bon bon. Raise the roof. Break it down.  Whatever it takes, no matter how embarrassing it may look, or if your favorite dance move is ‘the lawnmower’, it feels nice to let it all out. Have you ever heard the saying “dance to express, not to impress?”

Ordering a water and a lime at the bar.

OK, this may seem practical, cheap, and smart, but in college it is weird, lame, and boring. I suggest you try it sometime. It is embarrassing when the bartender looks at as if you told him you had a bomb but completely un-embarrassing when you aren’t the one hugging the porcelain God later, or telling your crush you love the way his hair looks in his Facebook profile picture.

Buying condoms.

We’ve all seen Teen Mom. Go ahead, visit the Trojan aisle.

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