The Doc (Marten) Will See You Now

After perusing the style sections of some of my favorite magazines and websites, I’ve discovered something horrifying. Well, besides the price tags next to my favorite items.

Much to my dismay, DOC MARTENS are back.

Yes, I’m serious. Everyone from the editors at Marie Claire to the designers showing their wears at NYFW are toting Docs as the biggest fashion “Do” this season.

I don’t know if I’m alone here, but the only time I’ve ever briefly considered these to be cool (after CDs were invented, at least) was when I saw Sienna Miller rock them in Nylon Magazine.  But come on; she’s also wearing a tutu and trying to lick her foot. She’s obvi the only (and I do mean ONLY) person who can pull that off.

Why would this pedophile-in-a-trenchcoat footwear make a comeback ever again in 2010? Why do things like this even MAKE comebacks? Is there a fashion-comeback god that just decides to bring certain (bad) trends back? Wasn’t there a reason they, like shoulder pads, went out of style in the first place?

Not only are Doc Martens back, but they’re back with a bang. As in, team-up-with-a-hot-designer bang.  That’s right, Jean Paul Gaultier has designed his own line of the boots (whyyyyy!?!?!?!). And for a wild night on the town, don’t forget to pick up some shiny, metallic, star-printed, or patent leather boots.  Or mary-janes. Or heeled boots? I mean really, would anyone spend $130.00 on a pair of eyesores like that?

I realize that Uggs, gladiator heels and Sperry’s have been around for a while and it’s definitely time for a new trend in footwear. But I’d rather wear my torn up and stinky Uggs than tuck my skinnies into a pair of these.

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