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The Know: This Post Will Change Your Life as You Know It

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This might be the most important “The Know” you will ever read.

Really, this piece of information is life changing.

I know on this website time and again we talk about how we should put in a little more effort for class, not roll out of bed in baggy sweats and at least put on jeans. But we all know that in the winter months even jeans seem like a lot of effort. Not to mention the uncomfortable factor of your jeans digging into you after weeks of late night pizza fests. Face it: there is nothing cute, comfortable OR put together about a muffin top.

It’s a mind boggling situation – how does one look put together yet still achieve maximum comfort?

Well, friends, I have finally found the answer. Someone Tweeted about this yesterday in jest, but Pajama Jeans are no joke to me. Much like Channing Tatum, Pandora’s Teen Pop station and chocolate chip muffins, Pajama Jeans make me believe in God.

You can wear these “jeans” to class, to a long night of studying, or even to a house party in the middle of the winter when the thought of squeezing into a pair of real jeans is just too much to bear. And when all the other girls are sitting uncomfortably, you can take comfort in being comfortable… and looking cute in the process.

It’s truly magnificent.

I know, I know – you love me.
Hell, after this discovery, I love me!

Campus Couture: Kimberly, Thompson Rivers University
Campus Couture: Kimberly, Thompson Rivers University
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