Goodbye Olympics, Helloooo TV!

We at CollegeCandy have really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics (read: ogling the hot athletes). But as much fun as it was rooting on our people for the past two weeks, I’m a little more than psyched that some of my favorite shows are coming back!

Gossip Girl.
On Monday, March 8th, our favorite socialites will return (FINALLY) with more drama than the UES can handle (and more opportunities for me to drool over Chase Crawford/ogle Serena’s designer duds)! We’ve got Jenny’s drug dealing ways to deal with, the Dan and Vanessa dramz and, of course, Chuck’s big secret!

Grey’s Anatomy.
Although the flashback episode was cute, I’m ready for the plot to thicken! Will McDreamy succeed as the new chief? Is Izzy ever coming back? What will happen between Lexi and McSteamy? And, most importantly, will we ever find out why did Lexi went blonde with her complexion?

The Real Housewives of New York.
Okay so the Real Housewives of Anywhere are my guilty pleasure, but I’ve had enough of Vicki’s controlling ways and that new girl‘s Bible Thumping Boobies. I want my New York ladies back! And this Thursday my wish will come true. With all. 5. housewives. Yes, even Crazy Kelly is back for another round. But that’s not all! We also get our favorite house husband (Simon), renewed vows, record deals, and a pregnancy. And who knows – maybe we’ll finally find out what kind of drugs Kelly’s on.

16 and Pregnant
OK, so the 2nd season of this docu-drama has been back for 2 weeks now, but I had to mention it seeing it’s the best thing on MTV since the (sob) season finale of Jersey Shore. I didn’t think it was possible, but there’s even more drama and annoying boyfriends than last season. (But, as of yet, no one that requires subtitles like Gary.) And now that there’s no ice dancing to watch, you can devote your Monday nights to these babies having babies.

The Office.
Speaking of babies, Pam and Jim’s baby will arrive on March 4th!

I never thought this day would come but, alas, it is here at last.
Oh TV, how I’ve missed you!

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