One Month Challenge: Sober, Week 4

Mama needs a cocktail.

In this new series we will be following a different CollegeCandy writer for a month as she takes on a personal challenge. This month we’re following Lauren from University of Michigan. She’s going sober for the month of February and will be sharing her ups and downs with us each Saturday. Last week she almost dropped the ball (and downed a bottle of wine). Let’s see how she handled her final week.

It’s here. My final sober weekend. Even though this month has flown by and been not only easy, but totally productive, I am at the point where I am truly glad it’s over. For the most part, going stone cold sober hasn’t really been as challenging as I expected it to be. But that all changed on Wednesday. I don’t know if it was the playlist was I listening to or the stress mounting, but I hit a wall and for the first time in 25 days, all I wanted was a giant cocktail.

From that point on, being sober was no longer the cakewalk it had once been. I found it increasingly difficult to go out to the bar with friends and be the sober one. I watched them knocking back vodka sodas and Jager bombs and my mouth literally watered. When they reasoned that I’d been “sober long enough” and I should “just have a f**king drink” already, I actually considered it. I mean, I went long enough, right? But then I chugged my Diet Coke and realized that giving up now would just be pathetic. What would I think when I looked back on this personal goal and remembered that I threw in the towel with 2 days to go…. for some crappy vodka drink. This moment – when things finally got challenging – this was the part that would really prove something. This was the most important time of the entire month.

So I didn’t have a drink. Instead, I left. My friends were hitting the annoying-drunk stage and I couldn’t handle it so I went home early and caught up on some Chelsea Lately. Was it a bad night? No. But am I ready to be back in the social scene again, Miller Lite in hand? You betcha.

And my body is ready, too. I spent 8 of the past 10 days sick in bed with what I think is a foreign strain of Ebola. I was coughing. I was dripping. I was miserable. I don’t think I’ve been that sick in years and I believe deep in my core that it was my body begging me for a drink. It sorta put a damper on my plans for February (I couldn’t work out, I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t do anything on my to-do list but watch a lot of really bad movies on DVD), but I guess it did make sobriety a lot easier. I mean, the only thing I wanted to drink was chicken soup.

Now I’m better. I even woke up at 8am this morning to hit the gym, pick up some groceries and clean my room. I feel great. I lost 5 pounds this month (a combination of the lack of empty beer calories, the lack of late night eating and the fact that I have been able to work out on the weekends), I’ve accomplished things that were on my t0-do list for months (like sell old stuff on Ebay!), and I’ve had the energy to go out and do fun things (like see the museums and meet friends for movies) that I was always too hungover to accomplish.

I’m really proud of what I did this month and while I will not be going 100% sober any time soon, I will be making some changes to my lifestyle. I now know that I don’t need to be drunk to have a good time, I don’t always need to go out when everyone else is, I can have a drink without having ten, and I tend to spend a sh*t ton of money when I’m drinking. Seriously, I saved so. much. money this month.

I am glad I took this challenge. I am glad I succeeded. I am really glad I can fit back into my favorite skinny jeans again. And I’m really, really, really glad it’s over.

Who wants to join me on Monday for a beer and The Bachelor?!

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