Body Blog: Physique 57, My Secret Workout Weapon

OK her belly button is scary, but look at those muscles!

My morning ritual consists of a tall cup of coffee, a scroll through the New York Times and turning on the first ten minutes of Live with Regis and Kelly to see what Kelly Ripa is wearing for the day.

Or, more realistically, how hot and toned she looks in whatever she’s wearing for the day.

It was hard not to notice Kelly Ripa whip herself into the best shape of her life almost instantly two years ago. She had always looked good, but suddenly her body looked insane. In a good way. I wanted to know her secrets. I longed for the formula to her suddenly sculpted arms and her six pack abs. Every time I saw her on the cover of a magazine, I scooped it up, hoping to solve the mystery to Kelly’s perfect bod.

And then I discovered it: Physique 57.

Just six months ago, this 57-minute routine could only be found on 57th street in New York City for nearly $30 a class. This summer, though, the creators of this intense body weight training workout released three DVDs: the classic 57-minute workout, the 30-minute full body express and the abs and arms booster. Obviously, trusting Ripa’s testimonies, I immediately coughed up the cash. Three days later, I was sweating, burning, and working my way to my very own Kelly Ripa body.

Now I am an active girl who likes a challenge and I swear that these workouts are no joke. Every time I push “play” a new part of my body is left feeling the burn, never fully feeling like I have mastered the program. A mixture of body weight training, cardiovascular exercise and a process called “interval overload,” this 57-minute workout will have your thighs shaking and your abs begging for mercy from the very beginning. No joke, these three total body toning workouts are the key to whittling that waist and transforming your body for the better.

Unlike other workouts (both on DVD and even at the gym!) where I have wondered when I would feel the burn, Physique 57 keeps my crying saying, “Oh yea, I am feeling the burn,” until the very. last. minute.

I have been doing Physique 57 for three months now and I cannot talk enough about the results and how this workout changed my life for the better. My arms are sculpted like never before, my abdominals are now flatter than a cookie sheet and my shoulders and thighs are more defined than ever. It took literally one week of alternating the three workouts for me to see my waist shrinking and more muscle forming. One week! And not only do I see the results, but I feel them as well; I’m no longer winded after a run around campus or need a coffee to make it through my classes.

I am so enthralled with these videos that if the makers of Physique 57 asked me to be a testimony for their product I would jump up on a couch in a manner that would put Tom Cruise to shame (and I’d look damn good doing it!). I can speak and swear through my experience that this program will have your body doing a U-turn towards a slimmer waistline and a metabolic makeover in no time.

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