Spring Break-it Somewhere Other Than The Beach

Spring break, a week most college students spend on the beach during the day and in the bars at night. While this is always fun, sometimes it is nice to get away from the ordinary and try something different. Having trouble brainstorming a spring break that doesn’t involve bonging Mexican beers on a beach? We’ve got you covered!

Skiing – Get away from the crowds, and hit the slopes! You can be active during the day and snuggle up with a cute snowboarder in a cabin next to a fire during the night. If you’re worried about coming back from break paler than when you left, that’s what spray tans are for! It’s safer for your skin anyways.

Camping – Picture this: tubing down a river with a cold beer in hand. Some camp sites even have hot tubs and activities at night. I have been to a camp site where I got to set up my tent near a waterfall. There were running showers and live music at night. If that is too “fluffy” for you, there are tons of camp sites without running water. Assateague, Maryland is an island of wild horses which I have personally camped on, and went an entire week with no running water but obviously, the ocean. If this is more your style, check out local camp sites, you’ll be surprised how many you’ll find.

Volunteering – spend your spring break giving back to others by volunteering. There are so many different non-profit organizations that you can either sign up as a group with (I organized my campus ministry’s spring break trip with Habitat for Humanity last year), or you could go by yourself. We have an organization on campus known as the Center for Student Leadership and Public Service that organizes both local and global service trips. See what organizations are on your campus, or search online!

Road trips – sometimes it isn’t about the destination, but the journey. Piling into a car with a map, some spending money, and a camera is a spring break in itself! Seeing all the random attractions like the world’s largest ball of yarn, to stopping at small beaches and bars at night, never being the same place twice is exciting. Gas is expensive right now, but you don’t have to go too far (as in cross-country). Need some inspiration? Check out our guide to doing a road trip right.

Big city – There is so much to do in big cities, from shopping during the day and going to bars and clubs at night. In a big city, you are sure to be able to explore and never get bored. Think New York or Vegas, while everyone is in Florida. Haven’t you seen an episode of The City? Whitney Port was always at a restaurant or a night club, treat yourself to that for a week.

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