Wardrobe Wish List: Express Escalating Ruffle Strapless Dress

I’m in one of those (very sad) stages where I don’t actually need anything. I know it’s hard to believe. But with months of winter buying under my belt, I have leggings and cashmere cardigans and sweater dresses everywhere (no seriously, I sleep with at least three articles of clothing every night).

And with spring yet to have shown us a glimmer of hope that it’s on its way, it’s just depressing to purchase anything floral and skimpy, catching a glimpse of it as you trudge out of the house in snow boots and a down filled jacket.

But then that amazing little thing creeps into my agenda pages, the one thing none of us college girls can resist shopping for, and which totally warrants the purchasing of, at minimum, a new bathing suit and a super sexy party dress. Spring Break, baby!

This being the last of my Spring break’s ever (I know, I am most definitely in mourning right now), I am going all out, spending 7 glorious booze-and-sun-filled days in Cancun, the spring break capital of the universe.

Which means I am now in need of something again (whew!).

Of course, I’ve already found the perfect dress. And it’s sitting in the display window of Express. Their Escalating Ruffle Strapless Dress is pure sex. The perfect combo of spicy vixen and flirty girlishness.

This mini-dress screams tropical (I’m talkin’ mojito in hand, waves lapping at the sand), exactly the vibe we’re all dying for after months of frigid cold.

Plus, this mini is the one thing that happens in Cancun that doesn’t have to stay there. I can see myself rockin’ it to a party or a bar while waiting for spring with a pair of boots and a leather jacket. The strawberry color is sweet enough that it can even be toned down for the office with a belted cardigan, tights and flats.

It’s the spring break gift that keeps on giving. And it’s going to look amazing with my sun kissed tan.

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