Accepted. Wait. Not Accepted.

When I think back to senior year of high school, I remember a few things: hardly ever doing schoolwork, living under my parents’ roof, and being 10 pounds lighter, for instance. But there’s no doubt that waiting for those college acceptance (or rejection) letters to start rolling in is the most exciting and nerve-racking time in a senior’s life!

There’s nothing like bringing in the mail and finding that large envelope between the Victoria’s Secret catalog and some random bills addressed to your parents. Your heart pounds as you tear it open and find out that you’ve been accepted to the school of your dreams. You can barely sleep that night, excited to run into school the next day sporting the shirt you bought during your campus tour, telling every one of your peers, teachers, and even the lunch ladies where you’ll be headed next year while your parents are at home preparing your deposit and sending e-mails notifying the other universities you were accepted to that they can suck it you won’t be attending.

But what if, some time later, you found out that THEY TOOK IT BACK!? (Cue the tears, hair pulling, “I can’t show my face at graduation!” etc.)

Luckily, most of us don’t have to experience that sort of shame and disappointment, but that was a very real scenario for 30 high school seniors with their hearts set on Georgetown. Recently, the biology department accidentally sent congratulatory e-mails to thirty students that had not actually been accepted, but were flagged by the admissions department as “likely.” Noticing their error, the department later sent another e-mail explaining the mistake and giving their heartfelt apologies.

Because an “I’m sorry” email can make up for the cruel “Welcome to Georgetown…oh wait…SIIIKE!”

The good news is that those pegged as a “likely” applicant means they have a very good chance of acceptance unless they run into a disciplinary problem or their grades decline. The bad news is that, unlike every other high school senior out there, they’ll actually have to do their schoolwork during their senior year.

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