The Jersey Shore Goes Glam?

You can take the girl outta Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey outta the girl.

Unless you’re Harper’s Bazaar, that is.

Yup, these Guidettes have come a long way from Seaside Heights and have been everywhere from The View to YouTube, always donning Ed Hardy’s finest. Now they’re hitting the newstands.

No, not in Playboy (…yet). A very bold (and, based on the above photo, talented) team at Harper’s Bazaar, the highest of high fashion magazines, has stripped Sammi of her shredded tanks, jorts and scoul; J-Woww of her boob-baring excuses for shirts; and Snooki of her fuzzy slippers; and put these Jersey girls in some serious haute couture.

And – much to my surprise – they look great! It’s amazing what some designer duds and a little volumizer can do for some girls. You’d never know these were the same girls who spent their summer pulling hair and scouring the beach for juice heads.

I doubt many people will be taking fashion advice from these ladies anytime soon (I’m lookin’ at you, JWoww), but if Bazaar can make these girls look classy, chic and, quite frankly, very Hamptons-fabulous, they’ve got a new loyal reader in me.

Accepted. Wait. Not Accepted.
Accepted. Wait. Not Accepted.
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