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Dearest Tuffy Luv,

My friends and I are noticing a growing trend among the men in our group. They have no balls. And what I mean by that is they don’t take initiative. They sit around like a bunch of Golden Girls and bitch over every girl problem they have (some of these problems having to do with us) but they never solve the problem. It takes them two weeks to muster up courage to kiss a girl and then they believe it’s true love, whereas we will make out with them one night and consider it a one time thing.

Are we just being too mean to guys or are guys being to wimpy??

Women with balls

Dear Ball Gals,

Love it. Love the Golden Girl ref. Couldn’t resist answering your question despite more pressing matters (sorry, kids). Also, balls. Couldn’t help Tuffy’s poor lil’ self.

So, okay, onto your question:

Well, this one is sort of two-pronged. Yes, Tuffy too has noticed the decrease in balls-to-tears ratio. Remember when men were men? Oh. No. Me neither. The truth is, men are kind of wimpy about women and they always have been. I don’t know why. We have the great power to make them miserable pretty much whenever we choose. And that ain’t nothin new. Hypothetically, men used to take this sadness out on their wives (in the bad, physical way). When that fell out of fashion, men turned to crying it out. So, really, whining is several steps up. And it’s just something you gotta deal with whether you like it or not.

So use your power wisely, Women With Balls!! Stop making out with these poor fools! You know they can’t help themselves!

Okay, kids, what have we learned today? Let’s refresh:

(1) Men can’t resist women.

(2) Women have to come to terms with this.

Please treat each other excellently and don’t take advantage of others’ shortcomings. Frankly, Women with Balls, although I find your question hilarious and somewhat true, I also think you are being lousy friends to these boys. You keep making out with them! If you’re not interested, don’t string them along. They clearly cannot take it. Friends don’t take advantage of other friends.

For the record, though, Tuffy prefers a man who can be an equal partner and not a sniveling whiner. Boys, buck up or girls like these are gonna make out with you and leave you sad and lonesome. Ball up.

Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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