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Spring Break is just around the corner, and it has college students everywhere are dreaming of a week free from classes, preferably spent partying and relaxing on a beach somewhere warm.  However, that’s not always a reality on a college student’s budget, and many students resort to spending their week off from school at home–or worse, stuck in the abandoned dorms–while everyone else is having fun.

If you really want to go somewhere for Spring Break (or a post-school-year-celebration) but your budget is tight, there’s hope out there: Voyij.com.  Voyij searches the web for all travel deals from of a selected airport, giving you the cheapest prices available.  But it’s more than just flights: Voyij searches for the best hotel and package deals, too.

What makes the site different from other discount travel-related sites out there is both its variety of deals (since Voyij searches so many different sites, there are literally thousands of possible results) and the site’s flexibility.  Each search starts with the departure airport, but you can pick and choose how specific you want the search to be in all other categories.  The less specific the search, the more results you’ll get. For example, if you don’t care where you go (as long as it’s somewhere far from campus), you can simply plug in the dates you want to leave and come back and Voyij will give you a list of all deals on those dates to anywhere.  You can also narrow your search by price to find a trip that perfectly fits your budget. Once you find a deal you like, you simply click on it to go to the site the deal is listed on so you can book it.

So before you pout about not being able to go on a trip for Spring Break, get your friends together and check out Voyij.com.  With so many deals, you might just find that you actually can go on a trip (even on short notcie!!) without breaking the bank.

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