From PopEater: Jessica Simpson ‘So Disappointed’ in John Mayer

Many have commented on the Playboy interview in which John Mayer compared ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson to “sexual napalm” — including the rocker himself, repeatedly. Finally Simpson herself is ready to weigh in on the controversy, telling Oprah Winfrey, “It was so discouraging, because that’s not the John I knew.”

In her ‘Oprah’ segment Wednesday, Simpson admits that she felt betrayed by her ex and says she has yet to accept Mayer’s apology. “I don’t resent him,” she explains, “but I’m just going to let that part of my life go.”

Simpson tells Oprah she couldn’t even finish the offending interview, confessing, “I couldn’t read the John Mayer article. I heard about it and I saw some of the clips. I tried to read it. I was so disappointed in him … it made me so sad.”

Watch the clips and read the rest here.

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