College Classes That Would Actually Be Helpful

I can’t believe that in less than 3 months I’ll be a college graduate.  I’ve tried avoiding it, but that failed. Somehow my mom wasn’t thrilled with the idea of me wanting to stay and party at the #1 party school no matter how much I tried to convince her that I wanted to open my mind to a new world of educational and enlightening wonders.

Yes, the thought of graduating still makes me nauseous (I’d prefer a tequila hangover any day) but these past few months have been a period of reflection for me; that amazing game-winning beer pong shot, the many “I did WHAT” stories, the intense study sessions for required classes that I’ll never need in my real life….

With the real world looming on the not-so-distant horizon, I realize that my time at Penn State has been legen…wait for it…DARY, but there’s still so much useful stuff I don’t know. So now I’m sitting here, up to my ears in job applications, wishing that maybe instead of forcing me to take Geology 101 (and spend major cashola on it), my school would have offered some more useful classes…

Basic Car Skills 101: This past summer I purchased my dream nightmare of a car: a VW Beetle!   I thought we were a match made in heaven, until she decided to go crazy on me.  That’s when I realized all I knew how to do was fill her up with gas.    A simple class that taught me how to change a flat, how to add fluids or oil, line it up on a car wash track, and even talk to mechanics so they don’t scam me for money because I’m a girl (trust me, they do!) would have been very helpful.

Cooking Outside the Kraft Box 202:  Although mac and cheese is one of my favorite foods, I wish I knew how to cook more complicated dishes.  Every time I try, I somehow manage to screw them  up. I once destroyed a pot trying to cook marinated chicken. Yeah, I’m the nightmare in the kitchen.  If I could just have some simple lessons and lots of one-on-one instruction, I might actually be allowed to try cooking a complicated dish, without fear in my roommate’s eyes.

Inside the World of Dating 350: Before coming to Penn State, I was convinced that during these 4 years I was going to meet the love of my life.  Instead, all I’ve met are the wrong guys. Lots of them. No matter how many times I’m convinced I’ve found the nice guy it never works out.  So just a simple class on guys with topics such as “Why guys flirt when they make it obvious they don’t like you”, “Signs he an a-hole”, or “It’s time to make a move”, would definitely save me a lot of my time and energy on the male species. CollegeCandy’s very own Dude could be the prof!

Job Hunting 100: College is intense. Your classes are hard and with each passing year require more time and effort. Yet your teachers still act as if you are only taking their class.  Then with what little free time you have left, you have extracurricular activities to attend to. Your days are so over-scheduled you barely have time to eat that Easy Mac. And then senior year rolls around and you gotta add job hunting to the mix. 24 hours isn’t enough for me to finish all my homework and activities, let alone work on that resume. But I have to if I don’t want to move back in with the parentals in 3 months. A class (or even a semester dedicated solely to the job hunt) would definitely make me more successful down the road. And that’s the point of college, right? To find a job?

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