Spring Break at Home: The Silver Lining

It is my senior year in college.  I’m 22 years old.  I have never been to Mexico.  And the swimsuit wall in The Buckle makes me want to drool all over myself.  Basically, Spring Break are the two words in my personal college dictionary that make me so giddy, it is embarrassing.

And the fact that I’m not going this year?  I’m not a very good actor, but I could almost pinch out a few legitimate tears.  You mean I have to continue to struggle up mini-snow mountain regions, and continue to suffocate under the restraints of my wool scarf?

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons for me to be bitter about my lack o’ travels this Spring Break but, I am deciding to look the bright side for a change. Sweating poolside under the shade of an US Weekly magazine or not, I’m going to make the best out of my Spring Break, and  – turns out – it is easier than I thought because you can:

1. Finally catch up on all of those books you’ve been reading (or not reading).

College is so stressful, sometimes I find myself being stressed out about the weekly T.V. shows I am trying to catch up on.  It is time to sit down and freakin’ relax. I know I have about five books I’m currently trying to read at the same time, and nothing strains my stress greater than a quality read. So kick those feet back, flip on the fireplace switch, and get reading.

2. Think of all the moo-lah you are saving!? You can spend a (small) portion on a facial. Why not?

Deciding (or being forced against your will) to not attend Spring Break just made you ten times richer.  Don’t get me wrong, in the midst of running to class and cursing the cold-I would give my left leg to catch a flight to Margaritaville.  But on the other hand, you have a lot more breathing room when it comes to the dough. Go spend a little bit of it on a facial, or for the construction of a new iTunes playlist (whatever it may be).

3. Use this extra time to get a step ahead of applying for jobs/internships.

With everything going on during class, your social life, and trying to maintain a close relationship with Mr. Treadmill, it is super difficult to navigate a time to apply for jobs and internships during the school year.  Spring Break is the perfect time to stick your nose in front of the pack and apply, apply, apply for jobs and internships.  Use this time to do some extra research on jobs, networking with experts in your field of study, and editing your LinkedIn profile. It may not be as fun as a keg stand via pool side, but the benefits are way up their on the ‘success scale.’

4. Get involved with some volunteer work during your free time.

This is a great and feel-good way to spend your Spring Break.  Not only are you keeping  yourself occupied, but you are giving back to your community. Try calling a local non-profit organization or even a museum, to see if they need volunteer help.

5. Re-acquaint yourself with your favorite letter of the alphabet: ZzzZZz.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good nights 13-hour siesta every once in a while.  Sleeping keeps you from getting raunchy colds, helps you lose weight, and most importantly, feels totally awesome!  So while everyone else is getting three-hour-drunk-sleep in Mexico and waking up with a monstrous hangover, you are nursing the bags under your eyes you’ve accumulated from midterms. Win.

6. You can explore what your home town has to offer. By yourself.

Even if none of your friends are around, don’t be afraid to go explore a new restaurant on your own, or a nearby museum. Really, when do you ever get the chance to do these things unless you are retired? And have you ever gone to a movie by yourself? Take it from me, it is amazing.  Nobody is awkwardly reaching into the popcorn bowl the same time as you are, you can keep your movie preview commentary all to yourself, and you can shamelessly go to the lame guilty pleasure movie you’ve been wanting to see forever (Dear John anyone)?

7. Call one of your old high school friends.

Now, even I haven’t done this in a while-which is mildly depressing.  But something deep down inside of me, really really wants to.  And there is never a better time than the present!  There are bound to be a few friends home for Spring Break, and I’m willing to bet it is refreshing to talk over coffee with the people who stood next to you when you hit your 5-year long awkward stage in middle school. Now that is something you guys can talk about.

8. Learn how to cook.

If you’ve gotten a chance to watch the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ this idea will really tickle your fancy. If you’re at home, Mom is sure to have some serious cookbooks sitting around, and if not, Google up a storm for some awesome recipes for whatever you are craving at the moment, and get cooking!  And they don’t have to be food recipes, either; learn how to make a few tasty cocktails for when everyone returns.  If anything, when your roommates return from vaca, they will probably adore you for your (feeble attempt) at out-cooking Rachel Ray.

9. Watch an entire television series (just because you can).

Now, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages now, specifically with the three seasons of MadMen. So I am sure everyone has a television sitcom they want to get their hands on (and finished) in one week.  So why not take the time to tackle your utmost guilty pleasure via television and get watching!

10. Spend some quality time with family.

Nothing is better than sprawling out on your couch at home and having one of those totally crazy conversations with your family.  Did Dad really just say that out loud? Your family never gets to see you when you are away at college, and this is the perfect time to relax at home prove to them how much you’ve missed them (and the scene in their refrigerator).

Intro to (Fancy!) Cooking: Baked Brie
Intro to (Fancy!) Cooking: Baked Brie
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