Is Drinking The New Slimfast?

The first thing you learn in college, before you even step foot in a dorm that smells of Hamburger Helper and Febreeze, it is that your ‘Freshman Fifteen’ is long awaiting your hips.  While biting your fingernails, you try and find a way to prevent it. Is it the large portions of Ramen you’ve been consuming? The lack of sleep?  Maybe, but as much as I can remember (which, granted, is not much), the Freshman 15 is highly influenced by how many beers you are shotgunning/bonging/ponging every weekend.

Whoops, sorry thighs.

Don’t hang your head for too long, though; this recent article is shedding some light (and great effing news) on the subject. After conducting a study with almost 20,000 women, it states “those who drank more actually ended up weighing less over the course of 13 years.”

No that is not a typo; that does say LESS!!

Although I wanted to go buy a Margarita at Chevy’s immediately after hearing this, it’s a little hard to believe. You mean a Margarita a day keeps the thunder thighs away? Maybe not, but here are some other reasons we think this could be true.

Dancing burns calories
Toss back a few drinks and you want to dance for the rest of your life. You’re apt to ‘mixing it up’ and busting out new dance moves to impress the crowd. You are Tina Turner. Your dance partner is Prince. The dance floor is your stage, the DJ your own personal SirMixAlot. That sweat pouring down your face and taking your bronzer with it is no big deal. If this workout sesh doesn’t burn off all those beer calories, I don’t know what will.

Less pre-drunk eating
We never want to eat within 3 hours of drinking so we can get drunk faster, thus ingesting less calories and spending less money (double score!). And that 3-hour late night Nacho-Fest doesn’t count because, well, you haven’t eaten in 7 hours and you’ve been dancing all night. And besides, you didn’t drink too much in the first place so it all evens out in the end.

More post-drunk action
The late night makeout session with your boyfriend (or new friend) after drinking not only keeps you from indulging in a large Domino’s pizza all by your lonesome, but also burns some major calories. Especially after a few vodka tonics and you feel like you were reincarnated as Jenna Jameson. All those fancy new moves, the strip tease, and doing it all again a few hours later is one. major. workout.

The Next Day is sprinkled with guilt
Sunday morning is usually infested with post-drinking guilt. “You mean I had that many shooters? You can find me at the gym for five hours.” You try to burn off as many calories as you can, and leave the workout room smelling like vodka-sweat. It may be gross, but some of my best workout sessions really do come after a long a night of drinking.

I’m willing to bet you won’t hear it from Dr.Oz, but you heard it from me – more drinking means more weight loss.  Why do you think they call it a six pack?!

Click It, Don’t Trim It
Click It, Don’t Trim It
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