The Weekly Ten: Why I Heart My Boyfriend

What is one thing you know you can you count on at 9:00 AM on Monday mornings? Other than an unsweetened venti iced coffee with a splash of skim milk practically attached to your lips to keep you functioning? That’s right kids, the infamous Weekly Ten.

I’m long overdue for a more light-hearted list, since last week’s Weekly Ten caused a bit of a controversy to say the very least. So I’ve decided to focus whatever minuscule amount of energy I have leftover from my intense ski weekend in Vermont on sharing with you why I really, really adore my boyfriend. Who, by the way, came up with last week’s topic for the Weekly Ten so please divert your hate mail to him. Appreciated.

10. He’s learned the magic rule: Cupcakes fix everything.
No matter what, I can always count on him to cheer me up with a red velvet cupcake if I’m down. He even brought it to a whole new level by sprinkling cheerios on top of a cupcake for Valentine’s Day. Sounds gross unless you are me and if given the option, would only consume dry cheerios until the end of time.

9. Not a video gamer.
Okay, so I admit I am sort of a sucker for Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. However, I can’t stand it when guys devote 99% of their free time to ridiculous video games. Seriously, Call of Duty? Seriously? Granted, it is a little embarrassing when I beat him in Super Smash Bros. but pretty much only embarrassing for him.

8. He’s down to try it all.
Before we started dating he’d never had guacamole, been skiing or been to a kick-ass New England brewery. I lucked out with a guy who’s totally willing to break out of his comfort zone and try anything new out. Even if it ends in disaster. Especially if it involves Victoria’s Secret whipped body creme. I don’t want to get into it.

7. Gets along with the fam
This is a biggie! It’s never easy to find someone who blends seamlessly into your dysfunctionally adorable fam (just me?), but my guy totally hit it off with every member of my crazy family. In fact, I’m almost sure my mom would adopt Mike and give me up if given the opportunity.

6. Hardest-working, ever.
So we might turn this one into a competition sometimes. And by sometimes, I do mean constantly. I’m working 55 hours? He’s working a 55 hour MINIMUM for the month. I’m studying for my undergrad midterms? He’s got the final (AND HARDEST) test of his CPA next week. I worked on a Saturday? He’s working for all the Saturdays for the rest of time. This might not exactly be the most healthy or cool competition, but I have to love how ambitious he is. Even if I am totally winning the contest. Hello? Three jobs and still a junior in college? I totally win.

5. Dr. Boyfriend
Sick in bed? Totally can count on him to bring me over chicken noodle soup and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Amazing.

4. Awesome friends
Since I only moved to NYC last summer and left most of my friends back home and in Boston, my social life has diminished substantially. Luckily, le boy has an amazing set of friends who aren’t d-bags and welcomed me with hugs, dance parties, shots… you know, all the things you want in a social circle.

3. Completely 100% there for me

This is a tough one to find in a person. I’ve definitely run through my fair share of sheisty dudes. Who hasn’t? The boyfriend has proved to me that there are guys out there who you can trust, who won’t screw you over and who will love you even if you shrink all his work shirts in the dryer.

2. Treats me like a princess
As Oscar Wilde once said, “How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?” Okay, so obviously I’m not expecting him to wait on me hand and foot while I take bubble baths and eat truffles while wearing a tiara (except that actually sounds amazing and I may propose this idea for my birthday), but my guy definitely goes the extra mile for me. From cute dates to “just because” presents, he definitely lets me know that I’m special. Even if he does tease me for having super stinky feet, especially after I’m wearing my cute gold flats.

1. Unlike most CC readers (and now some writers… and occasionally the lovely editor when I’m late with an article) he actually loves and puts up with me.

Except for when I watch “Real Housewives of Orange County.” But I totally get that.

Overheard: The Rumpus Room
Overheard: The Rumpus Room
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