Lindsay Lohan Is Mad. At Talking Babies

Now that hot mess Lindsay Lohan is basically unemployable, she’s got a lot more time on her hands. Time that she’s apparently filling watching TV and then suing people for making really awesome commercials. Babies with voice dubbs discussing finances while Skyping? Adorable. But LiLo doesn’t agree.

The actress/socialite/trainwreck is claiming that E*Trade used her “name and characterization” in this ad that ran during this year’s Super Bowl.

Really Lindsay? You watched that commercial and immediately saw yourself in theĀ  “milkaholic” baby? Yeah her name was Lindsay, but she doesn’t even look like you. I mean, she’s got at least 20 lbs on ya…

Anyways, there are two things wrong with this picture:

1. Lohan’s suing a company simply because a baby has the same name as her.
2. She’s basically calling herself out, and drawing more attention to herself, as being an alcoholic. Which she has been denying forever.

Lindsay’s lawyer reportedly wants the commercial pulled, as well as $100 million in damages. Probably because it’s the only way homeboy knows he’s gonna get paid. It’s not like Lindsay’s drawing in the funds from anywhere else.

But really, Lindsay needs a new hobby (besides drinking, hot messing and angrily watching commercials). Suing E*Trade for a very funny commercial is not going to salvage her reputation. Maybe rehab is a better idea?

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Earn Money NOT To Go To School?
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